The Foresight Institute Podcast

Zaki Manian, Iqlusion | Shielded Transaction Special

May 11, 2023 Foresight Institute
The Foresight Institute Podcast
Zaki Manian, Iqlusion | Shielded Transaction Special
Show Notes

How can #shieldedtransactions/#privacy-protecting initiatives change the way we interact in society? What can we do to safeguard our identities in the future of this #crypto economy? Are there certain utopias and dystopias to embrace or to avoid?

Zaki Manian wears many hats in the blockspace. He is currently a cofounder of the iqlusion. They are working Armistice, an open source hardware security solution. Iqlusion advises, and supports a number of blockchain projects. He is also an advisor to the Electric Coin Company. He taught himself after college software engineering, programming and computer science. From 2008-2013, he was tech lead on scientific instrumentation product at ReaMetrix. He started an enterprise blockchain company called Skuchain in 2014 and started teaching himself cryptography.

In 2017, Zaki co-founded the Trusted IoT Alliance and iqlusion, and also started contributing more to Cosmos. He helped build the first validator dashboard and then Figment ran with the idea. He helped launch the first public Cosmos testnets. He spent a lot of 2018 working part time at All In Bits, building out the validator ecosystem, and figuring how to do quality assurance to enable the Cosmos launch.

After All In Bits proved too unstable to finish the work, he resigned in Feb 2019 and is completing the IBC work with the community from contributors from Agoric, Interchain Berlin and Informal.

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