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Career Advice from Sonia Arrison, 100+ Capital

December 21, 2022 Foresight Institute Season 1
The Foresight Institute Podcast
Career Advice from Sonia Arrison, 100+ Capital
Show Notes

Sonia Arrison, 100+ Capital

Sonia Arrison is a longevity investor via her company 100+ Capital, a women’s investor group called Portfolia, and advises BioVerge here in Silicon Valley. She also spends time helping the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives (A4LI). She is helping A4LI streamline the political processes for advancing longevity research and therapies.

When Sonia first moved to California from Canada in 1999, she helped educate congresspeople about the internet and digital technologies. She soon became interested in nanotechnology, and by extension the Foresight Institute. Her interests then turned toward longevity, and she began writing articles here and there about the topic. Peter Thiel convinced her to turn those articles into a book – “100+: how the coming age of longevity will change everything”.

She was later pulled into a project with Ryan Bethencourt at IndieBio, becoming his first investor. That catalyzed her role as an angel investor in the longevity biotech space. Around that same time, she was involved in Singularity University. She realized how investable the longevity space had become, and rather than write yet another book she became a major investor in the longevity space.

Session summary: Career Counseling with Sonia Arrison - Foresight Institute

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