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Emil Kendziorra, Max More | How do you sign up to cryonics?

November 11, 2022 Foresight Institute Season 1
The Foresight Institute Podcast
Emil Kendziorra, Max More | How do you sign up to cryonics?
Show Notes

Should cryonics be our plan A for life extension?  If so, how do you sign up to cryonics? In this episode of the podcast Emil Kendziorra and Max More answers all the most common (and uncommon) questions about signing up for cryonics. 

 Emil Kendziorra received his doctoral degree in translational cancer research. Between 2009 and 2019 he founded, grew, and then sold multiple medical- and tech startups by himself. In the medical field, he founded MedLanes, a service that provides medical home visits at the press of a button, even during Covid times.

Max More is a philosopher and futurist who writes, speaks, and consults on advanced decision-making about emerging technologies. He is the current Ambassador and President Emeritus (as of February 2021) after serving almost nine and a half years as president and CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

The process of cryonics involves SST – standby stabilization and transport, which is the emergency response to death. Then the team removes as much blood as possible from the body because it contains a lot of water, and replaces it with a cryoprotectant solution. Rapid cooldown comes next, then slow cooldown to cool and freeze the body so it can be stored in cryogenic dewars.

Session summary: Emil Kendziorra, Max More | Cryonics Sign-Up Q&A + Demo - Foresight Institute

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